View Full Version : archiving previous year data

07-25-2001, 07:13 AM
I have been told that I have several "tables" in PT v8 that have 400K records. This includes CY and LY. I want to know if there is a way to only carry CY data other than a reinstall each year.

I have a seperate Gen Ledger system in which I am putting the data from the Sales, Purchasing and Inventory reports for the financials.

07-25-2001, 03:14 PM
You can purge data from a closed year to help keep your files smaller & faster. This can be done at any time, not just at year end.

First step is to MAKE A BACKUP! I highly recommend you use the backup program in Peachtree's File menu and just save it to your hard drive or a network drive. This will make recovery much faster if there is a problem.

Next go to the Task Menu - System - Purge Old Transaction/Inactives. Then answer the questions on your screen about what you want to purge. I recomend not purging more than 1 year at a time, maybe less is you have a lot of data.

This takes only a few minutes of your time, but can take hours (sometimes even days) of processing time if you have several years of data. If you interupt the process you will need to restore a backup.