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Charles Scriven
04-09-2002, 09:51 AM
I'm using Dos V10 and want to start using bar codes. Is there a source of information on how to use Peachtree DOS and bar coding software such as Wasp? Would appreciate any guidance.

04-10-2002, 07:15 PM

There are many ways to implement barcodes with different programs. If what you want is to enter the part number information of the sales order module with a Barcode Scanner, that's really simple. If you need to enter something more complicated than a string of text in your computer, that would be somewhat messy.

First of all, there are many different barcode scanners. A wand or a CCD are very low-budget devices. I would recommend buying a Laser Scanner (for $300). For the simplest solution you got to buy a scanner with a "Wedge" which is a Y-Adapter that goes between your keyboard and the pc. Then the scanner just emulates a string of characters as they were typed on the keyboard when it read the corresponding barcode. You don't have to install any programs.

Second, To print barcodes you need several things:

1) A Printer, with compatible labels and ribbon (or ink, toner, whatever). I would recomend a Thermal Transfer like Zebra Stripe S400 or something cheaper like the Zebra T402. But if you print a lot of Labels of the same article you could use a Laser printer. Altrought you could use them, InkJets and Dot matix printer won't do.

2) A piece of software. If your needs are very simple you could buy WASP. Or maybe something more exotic. But anything will do, just make sure it works with the other pieces of the puzzle (specially number 3). The literature that comes with WASP is very good (the CCD scanner that includes the package is only good for the initial set-up, IMHO is a piece of sh*t)

3) A way to maintain a link between Peachtree DOS and the barcode software. That's the tricky part (that's why I left it at last). All this depends on what are you trying to do. For example, if you have 100's (or even 1000's) products that you seldom make changes to it's descriptions, sales prices, product codes, ect. you could use the Peachtree PDQ to export the products to a CSV. Then import it to excel, WASP, or whatever program that you like and print labels. Just export the data once in a while and you are all setted up. Or if you have less than 100 items and you have the luxury to change the info in Peachtree and on the label program just do that. But if you have many items and you are constantly making changes to them, you will need a more robust solution.

Another option is an application within Peachtree DOS that can access the data and print labels w/ barcodes. I think I have seen it, but the truth is you are better buying another accounting package that does that for you (like PT2000).

I'm tired now... I will stop writing now.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.