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08-05-2001, 11:22 PM
I am having major problem transferring Peachtree Complete version 11 to new computer.
I copied files to Colorado copier and loaded on new computer. The first menu page opened but when I asked for a module I got "cannot find file 'C:\PCA\PCA.BAT'".
I tried other solutions but came to another message "General Ledger drive or path assignment is invalid"


08-07-2001, 03:43 PM
I would recommend getting the PeachFax document, 10525, "Installing Peachtree Complete on Another Computer". You can get this document faxed to you by calling Peachtree's Fax On-Demand line, 800-719-3216. You will need the document number, 10525, in order to fax it to you.

Your latest error message, "General Ledger drive or path assignment is invalid" is probably because the drive and / or directories are different on the new computer:

1. Go to the screen where you enter your two-character company id. Locate and write-down the program directory on this screen (it's toward the bottom of the screen). For example, Program directory: C:\PCA

2. Exit Peachtree

3. Exit Windows and go to a dos prompt
(Click on Start, Run
Type: Command
Click OK)

4. Change to the Peachtree program directory
i.e., type: CD\PCA
and then press ENTER

5. Type: UTILBA
from the program directory prompt and then press ENTER

6. Press enter on the first screen and then enter your two-character ID.

7. Select L-Change Data File Path

8. Select the module

9. Enter the correct path where the data files can be found and then press ENTER
Do this for each module you are using.

10. Press ESC and then press F10-Done to exit UTILBA

11. Type: EXIT and then press ENTER to return to Windows

12. Open Peachtree and try to access each of your modules

For more information, email support@baytek.com.