View Full Version : windows millennium complete v 11 troubles

05-17-2002, 10:32 AM
Can someone help me with the setup proceedures to run ver 11 complete on windows me? Things are mostly working well, but I cannot use the print to screen feature, and when I run the set command I do not see the entry for "share.exe"
The server is running windows 2000 server, and was installed by copying the directory and data from a win98 peer to peer server.

thanks in advance for your assistance.

Also what settings in the icon properties should I use?

05-19-2002, 07:59 AM

In Enviromental Variables:



[386ENH] (in this section you got to modify or add)


I don't think that you have to use any specific windows/properties settings on the program icon (use default settings). Nevertheless, I prefer to run it on full screen mode.

AFAIK, Share.exe doen't have to be loaded in WinMe because is controlled by windows. The print to sreen feature I think it was a bug (or something like that), search for older post, because I'm pretty sure that has been discussed here or do a goggle search on the Peachtree Newsgroup (alt.comp.software.financial.peachtree).

One more thing: Be sure that you are running the program on the computer and using the data on the server. I have found that many people run the program from the server directly. Just delete all files related to the peachtree program and leave the company data folders (and everything within). Then use Utilba (on each workstation) to change the data path.

Hope this helps,