View Full Version : Closing SO / PO Issue

08-14-2001, 09:00 AM
I have an issue with closing SO's in PAW 7.

The issue starts with a partial shipment from a vendor that they close out. For example our customer orders 5 parts so we order 5 parts form our vendor but out vendor ships 4 and closes our PO. Hope that makes sense.

So, I receive the items in and close the PO. Then I invoice the customer and close the SO. Everything seems to work fine but...

1. Our invoice shows 1 backordered item when there really isn't since the order is closed. Just in case you are wondering partial shipments are acceptable to our customers without backordering the remainder. Strange but true.

2. If you edit the invoice or reprint it the SO reopens. I have to remember to go back in and check the close SO box on the SO. Remembering that a SO needs to be closed is not an easy task since only 1 in 50 are of this variety.

I considered invoicing for the entire 5 and add a line item with a negative 1 item but thought that might confuse our customers.

Does anyone have a similar issue and solution?

Thank you