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Peachtree fan
07-05-2002, 11:59 AM
Does anyone know what's new in the next version? Do they just work to make it more compatable with the newest operating system or do they add something else to it?

07-05-2002, 12:57 PM

Please see the attached

What’s New for Upgrading Customers “Top 5”
· New Maintenance Screens
Get more done in less time. Classic’s maintenance data entry screens now eliminate
unnecessary keystrokes, speeding data entry and editing.
· Active E-mail and Web address fields for Customers and Vendors
Store e-mail and web addresses for vendors and customers and send an e-mail or bring up the
web site instantly through your active browser with one click of the mouse!
· Notify Customer Status
Now you can change customer status code and continue entering transactions even when the
Customer Notify Status is activated (example: going over credit limit).
· Track Employer 401(k) Match
You can now automate the time-consuming payroll task of manually tracking the Employer
401(k) Match.
· New Windows version of Peachtree Data Query
Peachtree Data Query is now Intelligent Query Report Writer. The new graphical interface
makes Intelligent Query Report Writer even easier to use. You'll get support for more file
formats, context-sensitive help, and new label layout. Plus most of your Peachtree Data Query
procedures will automatically be converted for use with Intelligent Query Report Writer. Some
procedures may require editing. History views and procedures created in those views are no
longer supported in Intelligent Query Report Writer.

Additional Features for Upgrading Customers
· More Printer Flexibility
Print using windows printer drivers or use Direct Print to print reports like Peachtree
Complete® Accounting for DOS.
· Support for Additional Storage Devices
You can now backup or restore to network drives and high-capacity storage devices like Zip
· Enhanced Print Preview
Resize the print preview window one time.
· Convert Quotes
· Convert a Quote on the fly to either an Order or Invoice. With convert quotes you can enter new
document and ship dates, as well as retain the original quote for future use.
· Customize Quantity Fields in Purchase Order and Invoicing/Order Entry
With the new Quantity in Whole Numbers option you control how the quantity fields display and
print for Invoices, Orders, Quotes, Credit Memo, and Purchase Orders.
· Suppress Pay Rate from Payroll Check Stub
Now you can suppress printing the employee pay rate on the payroll check stub.
· Direct Deposit Remittance Check Stub
Print a voided check with all relevant pay information printed on the check stub, to distribute to
employee’s whose wages or salary is direct deposited.
· Automatic interpretation of Employee Fields
Eliminate time processing W-2 forms and magnetic media! Name and City/State fields are now
automatically interpreted into First Name; Middle Name; Last Name; Suffix; City; and State
fields for existing and new employees, eliminating the need to review the interpretation report
before printing W-2s or processing magnetic media.
· Choose the Quantity of W-2 forms to print
Save time when printing laser W-2s! Now you now choose to print 4, 6, or 8-part laser forms.
· Inactive Customer Status
Now transaction entry is not allowed for a customer with an Inactive Status.
· Accounts Payable and Payroll checks summarized on one report
Use less paper when printing the Master Check Register. Now you can choose to print this
report in summary or detail format.
· Calculator and Calendar icons
Use calculator to perform quick computations and paste calculated results into data entry fields.
Easily change the date using the calendar icon.

Peachtree fan
07-30-2002, 11:48 AM
What you just quoted looks like version 12. They started calling it
Classic because it's not a Dos program anymore. Do you have any
idea what that means in practical terms? Can you have multiple
screens open at the same time? Is huge volume going to affect
it the same as PT Complete( besides the fact that it's modular)? Is
it any easier to get vendors and customers into PT Complete? Besides
modular isn't PT Complete a better program?

07-30-2002, 12:12 PM
No multi tasking. The product structure and the functions are virtually unchanged except for the GUI interface and the fact that the program files are mow .dlls vs being .rtms.

One big advantage is that the program now uses windows print drivers and there is a new report writer that avoids the need to use our favorite PDQ.

I still find it to be a superior product in terms of up time and stability.