View Full Version : Filtered A/R report suddenly slow

08-15-2001, 11:44 AM
We are using Peachtree V7.0.03.098

We have two A/R accounts. One is a departmental account. About a month ago we started having a problem with our A/R aging report for the departmental account. At first, we thought it was no longer working, but by adjusting the date range we found that it has apparently become extremely slow - (guessing hours but we haven't waited for an entire current aging to finish).

When we run an A/R aging with the standard report (all A/R accounts), the data pops up in a few seconds. When we select our main A/R account in the filter options, the report also pops up in a few seconds. When we choose the departmental account, the report is now very slow. We have also found that this ONLY happens when our highest volume customer is included. This customer doe not purchase from the department in question, so the aging report should always be empty.

We have run all of the integrity checks and found no problem. Since this started so suddenly, I find it hard to imagine that it is due to reporting algorithm. Is there any potential problem with the database that we should look into?

Thanks for any help that can be offered.