View Full Version : Reconciling open credits

07-30-2002, 02:14 PM
Using Peachtree Complete/DOS, 11.0:

When the Accounts Receivable Processing Program "Reconcile Open Credits" is run on a given customer account, the program takes open credit amounts from "Invoice no. 0" and allocates them to various individual "real" open invoices, as intended.

However, when the associated customer statement is printed, the bottom-line figures still include the allocated amounts in the "OPEN CR" category total and show the "CURRENT" category total as the sum of this "OPEN CR" total and the actual current total. Why does the program not automatically reclassify the applied credits and delete their sum from the "OPEN CR" and "CURRENT" totals, and how can a user MAKE it do such a reclassification/deletion operation?

If anyone out there is knowledgeable about the "Reconcile Open Credits" program but has some trouble understanding the nature of the problem as I have expressed it, let me know and I'll give an example.

- Dan Mitchell