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07-30-2002, 07:30 PM
This may not be the right forum, or even the right user's group, but I can't find a better place:
Using Peachtree Mac 2.0, System 7.5, Mac IIsi, 9Mb ram.
First a printer hang, then reboot; after reboot, error message of "Database error." Checked FAQs on Peachtree official site; all I could find was something for Peachtree Contact Manager (answer ID 606). It is oriented toward PCs, not Macs, and says to run a program called ACTDIAG. It is to be used to reindex the corrupted file, and if that doesn't cure the problem, then use it to run "Scan and Repair" the file. I don't have ACTDIAG; it didn't come with Peachtree; no diagnostic software did. Any help out there would be gratefully appreciated.

07-30-2002, 07:40 PM
Mac??? What's that??? :)

Kidding aside...

In the whole time that I been here (and on the NG)... I have seen only two posts about the MAC version (inlcuding this one).

This is a nice way of saying that don't get your hopes too high... anyway, you should post this in all peachtree forums and in the NG too... so you can get any feedback possible.

Hope you get an answer....