View Full Version : Slow Network Response - Windows2000 Server

David Livingsto
08-18-2001, 12:15 PM
We use a Windows2000 Server and have found the response over our network to be totally unacceptable. As of this post we have not been successful in correcting our problems.

Additional Information:
We are network system integrators with years of network experience. Over the years we have also dealt with hundreds of various software packages.

Server operating system is Windows2000 Server Edition with additional licenses for Terminal Server.

Our server is a dual Pentium III 1,0Ghz class serve with hardware RAID 0 using Adaptec RAID controller and Seagate 18Gb Cheetah hard drives. The motherboard is supplied by SuperMicro. Our network switch is a CISCO 2924 and our network cards are all 3COM905c-TX using the latest drivers. All computers are running 100BaseT full duplex. All ports on switch and network card are set to this mode. None are on auto-select.

All workstations are Pentium III class computers 600 Mhz or above in speed.

I am open for any suggestions that may help this situation.