View Full Version : PT for dos ver 6 to PeachTree 2001

09-26-2002, 02:37 PM
I have tried to use the conversion disk to get data from the peachtree ver 6 for dos out of Inventory with no luck. The conversion disk says it's good for 7,8,9 ...I tried it anyway.
The only thing that was installed on this ver 6 for dos was Inventory so I had to install General Ledger ...still no luck it just pretends it's working and then their is no data to be found in the specified directory. So I tried PDQ ...I believe... to export the data out of inventory hooray it worked using lotus 123 then I took the file and put it into excel and created a csv file ...from thier I tried to import the file into inventory on the 2001 peachtree version ...and it would not work! Gasp, trying to breath choking on peaches. I'm just about ready to tell them to hand type the data in. Before I do this would like anyones input on the subject thourough documentation would be soooooo helpful, and greatly appreciated.
Thanks All

09-26-2002, 02:50 PM
You are correct, the inventory conversion ranges from not working very well to not working at all.

You have the option of having Peachtree do the conversion for you but it tends to be rather expensive. You could also contact a Peachtree Resource Center in your area to do the conversion for you, current rates are about $110 per hour.

I have done many conversions and not one has ever been smooth.