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09-07-2001, 05:21 AM
I really have to say that I have very high concerns with the knowledge level of MANY of the tech support techs. I will have to call several times to see if I get the same answer each time or take an average of the answers I get and hope they are correct and even then make a decision on my own. As far as the tech supports answering a simple question as how do you enter a new item in the master file, well that's easy but get into more complicated matters such as:

We created sales invoices the other day and used Sept 4th's date instead of Aug 31st because we wanted to have the sales reflect into Aug billing. I spoke to a tech rep and she told me to delete the invoice and reenter them with a new date. OUPS - I was not at all comfortable with that. So I said to her as a reply, if I do that will it not releive the inventory all over again when I post the new invoices. Her reply was - "I don't think so" I can't live with answers like that. So then she said to me, instead why don't you just alter the dates of the invoice from Sept 4th to Aug 31st and post. My warning flags went up again and said - won't that also relieve the inventory twice - she said, oh yeh you're right ----

Needless to say when I call and ask for tech support with Crystal and tearing apart their database - oh well that is a totally different story - I purchased unlimited tech support and when I asked a question about the database with Crystal they referred me to Seagate - oh well that was a good answer like Seagate is going to know the structure of Peachtrees database. It took me 3 different tech reps to finally drill it into someone's head that the answer must come from Peachtree. But THEN I found out that in order for them to answer my question they said Crystal is not support in the unlimited tech support and my question will cost me $100 to answer - ^$*^((**&^*&$ - is what I told them. I am not asking them to create a report for me, I was asking a specific database question.

By the way has anyone noticed how much more difficult it is now to design your own forms with the new version of Peachtree - YIKES - hours on end.

Just had to vent a bit.


09-07-2001, 12:58 PM
I went through the same loop in trying to get support for Crystal. It's like they threw it on the market in place of Report Writer without even looking at the way the Peachtree information would be pulled at all. When I did set up an appointment with a "Crystal Expert" for $100 per hour, the person I spoke to, while somewhat knowledgeable, did not seem to have the answers like I thought he would. In the end my report was not useable, it's too complicated to do over the phone.

As far as trying to print only the items shipped on your invoices or packing slips, I've found the best way to try it (or in re-dating the invoices as described in your other post) is to re-create a couple in the sample company that is set up like yours (real or batch posting) and try it. That way you're actually trying it out without relying on someone's guess.

Diane Koers
09-07-2001, 03:14 PM
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