View Full Version : Pdq Payroll Generations Lost

12-16-2002, 11:41 AM
I create my own reports in PDQ ( peachtree data query ) and use one of them to print out payroll reports each month. I noticed on my November pdq report that it was skipping generation 73. I thought I had missed selecting it so I went back in and made sure I selected it and all the others. When it printed out, it again skipped that generation. I figured there must be some error in that generation that was causing this to happen. So I went in and actually re-entered that payroll manually (figuring the restore would only put back the same problem). I then restored all the generations after that, double checked my figures and they all matched up for the current period. Now when I go to print my PDQ report it prints nothing at all past the point of generation 72 (73-79 totally missing from report) But it still shows them in the selection criteria, and I know they are there - but why won't it recognize any of them now after restoring?? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Been running/printing these reports for 10 years without a problem! Why now???