View Full Version : Problem with PCA 7.0

07-10-2001, 11:00 AM

My computer crashed and I bought a new one. Having installed Peachtree 7.0 on the new system, I copied my data directory over. However, my company file WILL NOT open!, even though it shows up in the window. I get a the message "You must get an updated version of this program to use that company." Even though I previously used the same PCA 7.0 on the old system. Any suggestions?

BTW, I am using Windows 2000 Professional now as opposed to Windows 98.

Thanks in advance


Robert Walraven
07-12-2001, 06:35 AM
The message you are getting usually means that the database is of a later version than the version of PCAW you are trying to use to access it. It is possible that you had installed an update to V7 on the previous system.

If your VERSION.TXT file contains the value 10.62 then your Peachtree version should be If that is the problem, then you will need to apply the update. You can download it from http://www.peachtree.com/update7/