View Full Version : Can I supress lines on orders that have been shipped complete

09-07-2001, 05:31 AM
The paperwork in this office is almost the height of the building we are in. Many of our sales orders take up 3 to 5 pages per customer order because of all of the items we carry. BUT, Peachtree does not supress lines that have been shipped complete so therefore each and every line item will print from the original order that was entered every time you print a backorder picking ticket out - okay, ship the orders complete, right but that's a perfect situation and we also provide customers with private label items which do take time to manufacture and bring in from overseas, but in meantime we do want to enter the orders into the system and ship what we can. If we backorder just one item on a 5 page picking ticket, every single line that has been shipped complete still prints out - is there any way to supress this - please someone tell me yes !!