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09-13-2001, 08:03 PM
I have had to reload PCA with Time and Billing on the Admin computer on my network and when reloading the software find that I cannot get past the login screen as it does not accept the User name anymore. the other stations are working OK but just that now the Admin is locked out.
Any suggestions please.

09-14-2001, 03:39 PM
Are you on Version 6 of Peachtree Complete Accounting?

The resolution depends on the version of Peachtree you have.

Please email support@baytek.com for more information.

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Robert Walraven
09-15-2001, 07:51 AM
We have a $99 tool that will recover your passwords for V7, V8 and V9 data. If you are interested, contact walraven@multiwareinc.com.