View Full Version : Confusing Payment Record.

07-13-2001, 03:20 AM
For accounting purpose, we always experience the following.

Suppose we have two purchase orders for the same vendor.

Purchase Order 1
Item 1 $100
Item 2 $200
Total Amount $300

Purchase Order 2
Item 3 $300
Item 4 $400
Total Amount $700

And, for the moment, we only need to pay for Item 1 & Item 4 only. The amount for Item 1 & Item 4 is $500

If we choose select for payment, we only have the chance to type in the amount $500, and have no choice of selecting Item 1 and Item 4.

And peacthree only distribute the amount paid $500 to each Item
by proportion.
Item 1 $100
Item 2 $200

and the final $200 is distribute proportion to
Item 3 $85.7 (200x3/7)
Item 4 $114.28 (200x4/7)

Very confusing, when we paid to the vendor on weekly basis, or monthly basis.

Most vendor uses the amount carried down method.

Is there any better method to overcome this!

From Thomas Lui