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SK Wong
10-08-2003, 07:35 PM
Dear Peachtree Users

I answered a thread "Assembly w/insufficient inventory item " in Accounting/Complete Accounting Forums few days ago, when I revisit the thread, I have seen a few members saying that they have discussed with Peachtree specialist .... or have seen the proposed version for future issues, such news are exciting, I wonder whether we could bring the discussion to Premium Accounting Forum for further discussion.

Do you think being a Peachtree users, can we make any suggestions that Peachtree would listen for further versions ? Anyone can inform us the proper channel to put forward our ideas to Peachtree management.

I have held promotional roadshows for 2003 and 2004 version in Hong Kong ( I live in Hong Kong ), most of enquiries are concerning the issue of multi-currency, nowadays, companies adopt multi-currencies in their daily trading activities, and most of the local Hong Kong software house have the multi-currency functions in their developed softwares, Peachtree is distributed globally, and the Multi-currency issue cannot be ignored.

The main purpose of this thread is to collect the views of Peachtree users for future issues enhancements and redirect them to Peachtree management eventually.


SK Wong
Oct 9 2003

10-08-2003, 11:01 PM
You can email enhancements @ peachtree.com or you can go to Peachtrees web site and fill out the enhancement request form on their website. http://www.peachtree.com/html/enhance.cfm

As I am sure you know Peachtree is based around the US accounting and currency market, since it was designed 25 years ago. So, I would think that a change to handle multpile currancies would be a big feature request. Which means it would need to be of value to LOTS of users.

I know users all of the world use Peachtree, but if I had to take a guess, I would say that 99% of Peachtree customers are in the US or only need the US currency, but I could be wrong.

I would be interested to know how your sales are in Hong Kong and how sales are in other places around the world. I guess you would also need to send those to Peachtree, I would think they would want some verifyable info/ numbers in order to look into the cost of making such a change.

SK Wong
10-09-2003, 03:57 AM
Dear RetroCanino

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Competition in software market is ferocious, there is about 20 local Hong Kong software companies producing software for multi-currency, multi-warehousing and multi-company ( i.e. consolidation ) for small and medium size company market. I am the lecturer for the Peachtree software importer in Hong Kong, we can sell around 40 boxes of Peachtree software mostly the Peachtree Standard Accounting every month through our distributing network all over Hong Kong. For your information, in order to attract more buyers, we are offering a free 3-hour orientation session for buyers of Peachtree software, do you provide such free service to buyers in USA or elsewhere ?

You may have mistaken my meaning of multi-currency in this issue, a company has its base currency for accounting ( whatever the currency, it doesn't matter), for example here in Hong Kong, we use Hong Kong Dollars as our base currency for the accounting records. A trading company may receive some other currencies, e.g. US Dollars, UK Sterling pounds, Swiss Franc, Euro-Dollars ...etc ( I term them as foreign currency) and so on during its trading transactions. Peachtree accepts only one currency i.e. the base currency ( HK dollars in this case ) for accounts reporting, the trader has to translate / converse all the foreign currencies to the base currency for his book-keeping purposes. The financial statement will not show the various currencies value, the trader has to use the foregin exchange rate ( book rate for conversion ) in order to work out the value of foreign currencies he holds. Nearly all of Hong Kong produced softwares have multi-currency function. The first question from the potential custmers is that whether Peachtree can handle multi-currency, when we replied NO Sir, the enquirers turned their back without saying anything and went away. Again, we felt very upset. The Hong Kong Peachtree importer had made its request for multi-currency function to Peachtree for past few years, Peachtree didn't take any notice.

Same case in USA, if traders have foreign currency transactions, they have to do the currency conversion as well.

I hope you understand my message above.

Have a good day.
SK Wong
Oct 9 2003

SK Wong
10-09-2003, 04:16 AM
Dear Peachtree Users

Another enchancement that Peachtree should be aware is the handling of shipment date. There is only one "Good Thru " date for Sales Order, we use it as the "lastest shipment date" for shipment of the Sales Order. As a matter of fact, normally there are multiple shipment dates to cover the whole Sales Order quantity ( i.e. Partial Shipments ). I advise my student to use the "Note" function to put down the partial shipment dates and quantity on Quotation and Sales Order.

It seems to me that Peachtree management ( or technical program advisor ) should aware of this "shipment schedule" function years ago, will it be too costly to enance this function, I have no idea.

SK Wong
Oct 9 2003

Julian Walsh
10-27-2003, 09:15 PM
The lack of multi- currency software capability must be a constraint on peachtree sales. Even though it looks mainly to the domestic US as its market, still the ability to record transactions in their original currency is important. Many US companies import products or export products overseas where the currency of the transaction may not be the US$, even if the accounts are maintained in US$. Most non US based users will inevitably be dealing with a variety of currencies in their business life - and having to manually recalculate the currency into the reporting currency is a constraint which usually turns users elsewhere for an alternative product that has this capability.

SK Wong
11-01-2003, 09:46 AM
Dear Peachtree Users

I am told that Peachtree will only sell Peachtree MAS 90 ( with multi-currency function ) in USA, is it right ? If so, it is strange, it is not a kind of USA "national security issue", right ? I understand
MYOB Premier Version 6 is having multi-currency function for its global markets.

Thanks for your response.

Best regards
SK Wong

11-01-2003, 11:25 AM
First I have to say that MAS 90 is not really Peachtree. Peachtree is a product, not a company. The company is Best Software in USA. Peachtree is from their Small Business divsion, while MAS90 is in the MID market divison. bascily sister companys on the opposites of the US. Who's parent company is Sage Group from the UK. Peachtree is the lower end product and MAS 90 is the Mid market app. "Peachtree Special Edition of MAS 90" is MAS 90, not peachtree, but has tuned towards the Peachtree users and allows them to convert the Peachtree database to MAS 90 and allow the to get up to speed in MAS 90.

I am not really familiar with the detials of MAS 90, but it is not a off the shelf product like Peachtree. It requires that a certified person to install and configure it (that is what I have been told anyway) and that it can be very customized. So, you just dont install it like Peachtree of other off the shelf apps.

I would recommend contacting someone directly at Best Software about getting MAS 90 in Hong Kong. www.bestsoftware.com or even contact their parent company Sage Group. www.sage.com

I found this contact info for HONG from Sages web site, http://www.sage.com/resellers/HongKong.htm

Maybe they can be more help.

InQ Consultants Ltd
t: 00 852 2147 0070

SK Wong
11-02-2003, 02:41 AM
Dear RetroCannino

Your information is very helpful.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards
SK Wong

SK Wong
01-01-2004, 08:23 PM
Dear Users

I have tested the new Manufacturing 2004 and would like to express my view on the function : Task - Work Ticket.

Good points

1) There are columns for On-hand and Avaliable Quantities on screen display, so that users know the exact raw material condition for the Work Ticket.

2) The Order icon can cause the issuance of the relevant Purchase Orders taking the Vendor ID and Re-Order Quanitity data from the Inventory Items information.

Room for Improvement

1) The Work Ticket print-out shows "Percent Complete". I realise that the calculation of percentage is based on the number of items "Finished" over the number of items of the Work Ticket i.e. if user tick 2 items "Finished" out 5 items, then the Percent Complete is 2/5=20% rather than the percentage of the planned work hours for each item, thus the Percent Complete is misleading, in fact, there is no fields to enter the planned work hours for each item in the Work Ticket screen.

Comments from other modules are welcome.

Jan 2 2004

01-01-2004, 09:07 PM
I would like to see some sort of converter program that would simply convert the foreign amount into US dollars.

I have a client who often travels abroad. He doesn't keep expense reports (I've tried!!!) so he hands me receipts. I have to convert every receipt into US dollars and make the JE's into Peachtree. So this would be a useful tool even for those keeping books in the US.

SK Wong
01-02-2004, 07:39 AM
Dear Momofbrady

Please use MAS 90 for Multi-Currency, I have not heard any converter program for Peachtree.

Good Luck

S.K. Wong
Jan 2 2004