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07-13-2001, 07:37 AM
I am looking at using Peachtree in place of Open Systems for our manufacturing facility. I have a peachtree demo disk and I am seeing a few things that I need help with. We use stock assemblies and non stocked assemblies in our system. A stocked assembly may be a painted part. The cost of the part and the paint is put into the stocked assembly item. A non stocked assembly is a list of items needed for the sub assembly or the final stocked assembly. We have both stocked and non stocked assemblies in a final stocked assembly. When the stocked assemblies are built (painted parts), and used in another assembly, we don't want to use the unpainted casting or paint for the part. we just want to use the painted casting. Will Peachtree be able to do this?

Another area is when we purchase an item in pounds, we have a conversion built in to convert it to inches. The bill of material then uses the inch quantity and makes the stocked item as each. Will Peachtree do this?

Can I print a five or six level indented bill of material?

The assembly list in my demo lists the item id's in numerical order by assembly. The components are listed for each assembly in that same numerical order. My bill of materials are set up by levels and assemblies. A lower numbered wigit may be used in a level 5 or 6 bill of material. How do I get the bill of materials in a format other than numerical by item id?

07-16-2001, 10:46 AM
my short answer to your long query -

possible, but better to get a mid-range system for your manufacturing needs.

1st para - i do not quite understand what you are trying to say but essentially this is how peachtree works:

assembly 1 = assembly a + assembly b

item 1 = assembly 1 + assembly 2

if you produce 10 numbers of item 1, peachtree will do the calculations for item 1, assembly 1, assembly 2, assembly a, and assembly b.

you can also create as many sub-assembly items as you want.

conversion of pounds to inches - just put the conversion rate in the bill of material.

peachtree only does 1 level of bill of material.

use the type field to identify which level it is.

as i said earlier, it is possible, but if you manufacture a lot of items, with a lot of child parts, and sub-assembly, you are better advised to go with a mid-range system - or a very good peachtree consultant.