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11-05-2001, 05:38 PM
My problem is that I can't have two or more users using peachtree version 12 at a time in windows 2000. I've tried everything I can think of.

I've talked to two Peachtree support companies (Give them lots of money with no solutions), and have been e-mailing peachtree for two months with no replies.

I'll just attach one of my many unanswered email to peachtree tech support.

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Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2001 8:20 PM
To: CustomerService2@peachtree.com
Subject: FW: Customer Service Request: CLASSIC - General Information

I sent this two weeks ago, ignoring my e-mails isn't getting this problem fixed. We have been using Peachtree for ten years, our company depends on it, and we are having a real hard time running our business when only one person can use Peachtree at a time. Please reply.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 10:14 PM
To: Customer Service IMF
Subject: RE: Customer Service Request: CLASSIC - General Information

I've tried all that, I've later complained about being charged for this information which was in the book. The problem was escalated to someone who was going to work directly with me on this issue. His last e-mail was about making changes in the registry for opportunity locks. If you could find out who this person was and get him in contact with me, I'd really appreciate it.

Here's this history:

I was running Version 11. It was installed on a Windows 2000 Server. Connected to it were several windows 95 machines. Everything was fine.

We later purchased some new Dell machines running windows Millenium. The program competely freezes if two or more Windows Millenium users are running the program.

We upgraded all our machines to windows 2000, which are experiencing the same problems as Millenium did.

We have a switched 100Mbps network, and transferring files between machines goes at full speed. Name resolution works fine. And other tcp/ip services work fine. And if we run Windows 95, Peachtree works fine, which indicates that my network infrastructure is alright. But we can't run Windows 95 on all our machines as not all our hardware, especially the laptops support Windows 95, and we use Windows 2000 for ease of management.

Thinking that Version 12 might help this problem, we've went out and purchased that, plus thousands of dollars of enhancements and Tech support from SKS Consulting and Syllatrex, who couldn't solve our problems. Version 12 needing atleast 800x600 resolution to even fit on the screen, required us to upgrade some monitors.

So far we've spent way too much money on this problem and no one seems to have any answers.

I've spent last weekend formatting my servers hard drive and a couple workstations and reinstalling everything from scratch and still had the problem.

I've tried everything in your book and knowledge base, I've tried the oppurtunity lock suggestion the guy sent me. I've tried using different protocols. I've tried reinstalling EVERYTHING, and nothing helps.
Last weekend I did the following:
1. Formatted the Hard drives
1. Installed Windows 2000 server on one, Windows 2000 Pro on the others
2. Setup Networking components for tcp/ip
3. Installed Peachtree on each machine
4. Set overlay_heap=1
5. Set PCADATA=f:\netpca on the workstations
6. Set files=250 in config.nt
What am I missing?

It seems to be a file locking problem that happens ONLY between two Windows 2000 machines. Netbios?

This problem has been ongoing for a few months now, we have inventory coming up and need to have multiple users running Peachtree at a time. So we need this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Can you provide any of the following?

1. Step by Step instructions for setting up a windows 2000 Server with Peachtree, any special things that need to be set, etc. I don't think anything is wrong with my setup, as everything else works except peachtree, but maybe some small setting is missing somewhere.

2. Provide a debug or special version of the executable that will log error messages and give some indication of what the problem is

3. Someone in the area who can Fix the problem. We are prepared to pay someone if they can fix it, but we're not going to pay someone a thousand dollars to spend all day here trying things, only to come up with nothing.

I also have a bug report.
When editing an invoice, if you choose yes to assign a new document number. It never shows the new document number on the screen, which version 11 did.
Now you have to accept it, then go back and look it up to find out what the new number is, which is inconvenient.

Other Issues:
Theres not enough contrast between the dark grey text on light grey, and some of our employees have trouble reading it. And you took away the features to change colors.

I don't use the product myself, but everyone is complaining that the print to screen feature has been removed, as well.

Packing Slips which we print to a Panasonic KXP-2023, now run onto the second page, or print blank pages, which didn't happen in Version 11.

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From: Customer Service IMF [mailto:CustomerService2@peachtree.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 12:32 PM
Subject: RE: Customer Service Request: CLASSIC - General Information

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for contacting Peachtree Customer Service.

Below you will find the response to your previous email to our Technical Support Department.

Subject: Having trouble running Peachtree on Windows Millenium

Date: Saturday - Jul 21, 2001

Here is my situation

The Peachtree files are on a Windows 2000 Server

I have several Windows 95 Machines.

The only protocols installed are Client for Microsoft Networks, TCP/IP, and File and Printer Sharing.

Everything was running fine.

I then purchased two new Machines from Dell running Windows Millenium.

I added them to the network. Setup them up exactly like my other machines. Followed your installation guide for Windows ME, and set the PerVMFiles in system.ini and OVERLAY_HEAP in autoexec.bat

Now, When just the windows 95 machines are in peachtree it runs fine.

When just One Windows ME machine is running peachtree it is fine.

But as soon as I have one windows ME machine running peachtree, plus any other machine in it at the same time, Peachtree starts going extremely slow. Taking about a minute to get to the next screen.

It appears to be a file locking or netbios problem. I've tried everything I could think. Do you have any solution, that doesn't involve using a different set of protocols such as IPX or netbeui?

Date: Monday - Jul 23, 2001

Technician: Ginna Possehl

Thank you for contacting Peachtree Customer Support E-Mail Service.

If the version 11 software is not installed on the workstations, install it locally and access the program locally. Load it in the same subdirectory as you have it loaded on the server. If it is in PCA on the server, load in c:\pca on the workstation. Make a backup of the system files on the server and from the c:\pca prompt on the workstation, type: PTREST A: C:\ /S and restore the system file backup. You should then be able to access you data on the server via local programs. This should improve your access time.

If the software is already installed on the workstation, go to the dos prompt and type SET. We are checking here for the PCADATA statement. This statement sometimes causes the delay in screens. If you remove it from the autoexec.bat file, you will need to restore a system file backup from the server as described above, being sure the subdirectory is the same as the server.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Peachtree Software.

Ginna Possehl

Product Specialist

Peachtree Customer Division

Peachtree Customer Service

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Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 10:12 AM
To: cservice@peachtree.com
Subject: Customer Service Request: CLASSIC - General Information

The following customer requests assistance with CLASSIC:

Issue submitted October 8, 2001 at 10:11 AM:

I was recently in contact with one of your Technical Support representative about problems I'm having trying to get Peachtree Classic Accounting working in a multi-user environment on Windows 2000.

Unfortunately my laptop was stolen a couple weeks ago, and lost all my e-mails and contact information.

If possible, can you find out who that was, and have them e-mail me at the above address, so I can explain what I have tried so far to fo fix the problem, and find out what I should do next.

Thank you.

11-06-2001, 02:59 PM
We had a similar problem with an all Win 2000 network. Peachtree Classic 12.05 would slow to a crawl when more than one user accessed the system at a time. The problem was traced to Norton AV 2001's real-time scanner. Disabling the real-time engine let Peachtree work at a more acceptable speed. I tried disabling oplocks on the server and on the clients to no avail, but I can direct you to the Microsoft tech article. Go to their homepage and under support click Knowledgebase. Select W2k for the OS, select specific article number and enter Q296264. Follow the link on the results page. As I am sure you have been warned before, edit the Registry at your own risk. It is like playing with fire. I am unsure of how these modifications will affect the rest of the Windows environment, my guess is that they will slow it down some.
Good luck

11-11-2001, 01:41 AM
Thanks, that was the problem. After disabling auto protect on NAV 2001 I can now have more then one user using peachtree.

I'm a bit angry that Peachtree and their authorized support centers weren't aware of this problem and as a result wasted several months of my time and thousands of dollars for something so simple.

I've sent e-mails to peachtree and symantec and hope something shows up in their knowledge base about this issue.

11-12-2001, 07:57 AM
After all the time and money I wasted on this problem, and e-mailing them what the problem was, hoping they'd add it to their knowledge base and make everyone aware of it, all I get is a..

We were aware of the problem but since you didn't mention you were running Norton AntiVirus we didn't offer that is as a reason to the problem.

In my opinion that is a lame excuse. Dell, and many other companies ship with NAV preinstalled.

After checking alt.comp.software.financial.peachtree I found that many other people had this problem as well.

The first time I e-mailed tech support they charged me $25 for page 11 of the installation guide about installing peachtree on each machine.