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01-02-2004, 06:13 PM
This is my 1st time to print W-2's for 2003 (after installation of 2004 tax table).

Is is true that Peachtree can only print W-2's sorted by social security no.? That's very limited in its capability.

Can it have the option of printing by "alpha" sorting sequence of last name? It is easier for us to find any specific W-2 for distribution.

Also, can it print by "type" also? I used the type field to separate employees from different stores of one company - i.e. 1 for store 1 and 2 for store 2, 3 for store 3. As such, I don't have to sort these employees' W-2's manually before distribtuion. I have over 150 employees in this company of 3 stores.

It appears that sorting criteria is non-existing.

I tried printing by range as employees' I.D. are pretty much designed with last name followed by first name. However, the printed W-2's were still sorted by social security nos. only.

Please confirm.


David Ng

01-03-2004, 03:28 PM
David, I am not able to find a way of sorting the w2's. I don't use Peach to print the 1099's or the W2's. Why? Because I feel that considering the high price we pay for tax tables, Peach should make them print on plain paper. They don't, I assume, because they want us to pay more money to purchase forms. I quit using Peach about 6 years ago - the frustration of lining up the forms just got to me!

I go to office depot and buy a very cheap software package every year. I think it's called "tax forms printing". It cost less than buying the forms and it prints the forms on plain paper. It is a little more keying than you would like, however, it does save last year's data so the only data entry the following year is for new employees. I'll get mine next week and I'll let you know if I have the name wrong.

01-03-2004, 03:50 PM

Sorry, I was wrong, seems Office Depot stopped making that product. Now they sell it for $77.00 and you must buy the forms and go thru the nightmare of lining them up. The above link is a similar package from Staples, much cheaper currently, but let's see what happens to it next year! I guess companies are more interested in the all mighty dollar instead of selling a product that the consumer will find inexpensive, hassle free and efficient!

Sorry, I was wrong, I used professional tax software to print them last year. I had forgotten about that but now I remember, I didn't want to be hassled by lining up forms so I didn't buy it last year from Office Depot. I'm glad I looked into it because now I am faced with needing a new laser printer if I use what I did last year!!!!

01-03-2004, 05:49 PM
Thanks for the feedback. Is there anybody who has alignment problems of laser W-2 forms? Is it a real concern?

I have been ordering W-2's from Tax-Aid at www.taxaid-inc.com (continuous forms only). I presume their laser forms should be O.K. (I'll ask them to send a few samples). Their price is $6.95 per 100 forms and $6.65 per 200 and down to $5.95 per 500+. The traditional W-2 preprinted 4-part laser sets include Federal Copy A, Employee Copy B, Employee Copy C/Copy 2 and Employer Copy D/Copy 1 (No 6-part is needed in Texas as we don't have state income tax). Price ranges from $26 per 100 set for 100 to $21.75 per 100 set for 1000+. 4 UP W-2 for 6-part set (pre-printed) ranges from $43 per 100 set for 100 to $34 per 100 set for 1000+. Extra discounts are available for early-bird's (10%)and web-site orders (additional 5%). Nominal shipping is extra (fairly resaonable).

Tax-Aid's phone no. is (800) 888-5803.

I have to use Peachtree to print W-2's as I provide service to over 30 clients, totalling sometimes over 1000 employees.

Going back to my original question about sorting, is that no sorting is possible except by social security nos.?


David Ng

Jim Dale
01-03-2004, 10:49 PM
I do have one customer that had to redesign the form. But I don't get many support calls on the issue. The sort issue is sometimes a problem, maybe you should print a list in PT sorted by ss # and send it with the w2's. Mag media ever a problem?

01-04-2004, 01:27 PM
I just wish that some sorting options for W-2's will become available in future versions of Peachtree. Many of these options are available in other payroll reports. Why not W-2's?

The W-2's for my clients are not mailed out (that's why sorting by last name is needed) but instead, they are handed directly to the employees. Sorting them out alphabetically will be a better service to my client (my old software does offer that option). Sorting them out manually before giving them to my clients will definitely be a cost to me (probably over 1 hour for 1000 employees). I believe that SSA doesn't care the W-2 sequence as long as they are accurately totalled. Same for magnetic media.

I doubt very much I will buy "add-on" software to print W-2's on magnetic media (and then transmit over Internet to SSA) --- my client will definitely not be paying for it. I still have not decided what I'm going to do with that client which has 3 stores and employees sometimes over 250 a year. Under 250, I'm still fortunate enough to submit paper W-2's to SSA (as that's the only option offered by Peachtree now --- actually "one-step backward" technologically when compared to my old software).

As magnetic media will soon go away per SSA (maybe in 2005 or 2006). I wish Peachtree can offer future option for its users to upload Copy A of W-2 directly to SSA. (My old software allows me to download W-2's to a floppy disk and then I cross-check against the downloaded AccuWage program from SSA for any data errors before final uploading to SSA - the whole process takes less than 10 minutes via modem!) It appears that this will be the trend as far as technology goes - paperless, efficient, accurate, time-saving and cost-saving.

David Ng