View Full Version : classic 12 printing checks on okidata 321

11-27-2001, 01:42 PM
Intermitant frustration. Check printing (PR or AP) is a constant frustration. We've swapped printers, cables, reinstalled drivers from Okidata, reloaded the operating system all with no improvement. While printing moderate or long check runs, the printer will suddenly start printing absolute trash or start wandering over to the left clear off the checks after the 6th or 7th check. recovering files, reindexing, nothing helps. long reports print OK its just the checks! we've disabled all other software, backup devices, etc. no help. does anyone know whats going on!!???? HELP!
We're using Win 98 second edition, P3 @ 700mhz, 64m ram.
All other software prints without a hitch. Only peachtree has this problem.