View Full Version : UNposting Journal??

07-17-2001, 08:06 AM
Currently updating to 8.02 on the server. I have been running a program that says "unposting journal" for going on 3 hours. Does anyone know what this means or how long this is supposed to take. There is no status bar associated with it so I have no idea on the length.

Diane Koers
07-17-2001, 04:55 PM
It's very hard to say...it's dependent on several things. One, the memory and speed of the computer and two, the amount of data it has to convert. If you do have to interupt it, make sure to restore your backup before trying to convert again.

08-18-2002, 10:27 PM
I got the same message while performing data/integrity maintenance on freshly converted v7 to 2003 files. While performing "Sync test for Chart" at 99% complete the program "unposted journal" actively for around 3 hours before I killed the Peachtree Accounting task. I had to assume the program was in a loop because of the 3 hours at 99%. I have to assume that my v7 data had problems and am now performing repair company and integrity check on those files in preparation for running the conversion again. The conversion took 12 hours for about 50mb of files, converting from v7 all the way up to v10 or PCC 2003. I had gotten 2 I/O errors on "variable length portion or record" during the conversion and I had hoped they were non critical. They must have been.
Did your journal ever stop unposting?