View Full Version : Peachtree Complete error

11-29-2001, 09:58 AM
We use peachtree complete version 11 ( DOS )

we now receive a meesage saying " Peachtree complete cannot determine product version "

Anyone know what caused and how to fix this problem ?


12-05-2001, 09:36 AM
There are a few reasons for this error:
1. If the PTLOAD was aborted and they are missing any of the system files (PRINTER.?@@, MODPTR.?@@, SYSCOMP.?@@, TERMID.?@@, or COLOR.RTM--The PRINTER.?@@ holds the batch information)
2. The file extension for any system file is .$$$
3. Files are too low in the CONFIG.SYS
4. If you are running on a network and have the program files on each workstation, the Append statement might not be active. The statement should read: APPEND D:\COMMON /X.

Most likely, the system files are corrupt.
I would try restoring a backup of your system files (Peachtree system files) - this would require that you use PTREST to restore the files outside of Peachtree unless you have another company you can get into or Rebuild the COMP.D@@ file from a COMPBAC, then follow Reloading Peachtree While Keeping Company Information from the Getting Started Guide.

For more information, email enduserssupport@baytek.com.