View Full Version : Problems with Reconciliation

06-22-2004, 11:21 AM
Two problems in Account Reconciliation:
a) In December, a journal entry for $53.53 was made and subsequently reconciled. When we go back and look at the December reconciliation screen the journal entry shows as reconciled. However, when we go into the current reconciliation screen, the item shows as uncleared. What should we do to correct this? Is there a way to remove this amount without affecting other accounts?
b) May's reconciliation is accurate. We are presently reconciling for June, and all transactions match the bank statement exactly. However, there is an unreconciled difference of $24.62. This amount matches nothing that we have. If there is an obvious solution, great. If not, how do we fix the problem so that this amount does not continue into future months' reconciliations?
Is there a way to remove this amount without affecting other accounts?

06-23-2004, 10:50 AM
First track down the first month the unrec difference shows and do a complete audit for that cash account, for that month. Unreconciled difference have to be takes care of normally and will roll forward if ignored.

The transaction that shows uncleared, did you use a general journal entry that effects more than one cash account? Which version of Peachtee are you using (this is very important when posting problems, as some versions have different features).