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Sharon Heinz
08-16-2004, 01:53 PM
I am entering checks for customers from their check registers, several months in arrears. I try to void a check in the same period that it is written. If I don't give it a GL and amount, and save it, I can't void it (sometimes one doesn't have any info on a voided check....).

So I entered the voided check with a GL and amount, saved, then voided that check from the Account Register screen; I got a message that Peachtree had encountered an internal error, and I had to restart. Did that, the account register looks ok, one check in, voided check out, with ck # followed by V. This happened twice with 2 different void checks.

There are now several problems - when I tried to reconcile the account, one of the voided checks is not there to reconcile, but I am out of balance by that amount. So I give up, go back to the account register and delete both entries (not sure which first) - now when I try to reconcile the account, I am given a message that the account is in use (it's not - I closed the register window). When I try to change accounting periods to look at last month's, I am told it is in use by another user (it's not...).

Another problem (before deleting the void check entries) - both the original check entry and it's void show up on the Cash Disbursements Register, improperly inflating that total amount.

FYI I am on an office network, but no one else has Peachtree open.

Sharon Heinz

05-20-2008, 05:42 PM
Hi Sharon,

Did anyone ever answer your post. How did you solve this problem.

We encountered the same problem today. Instead of voiding we are temporarily adding the items back as a cash receipt.

Thanks for any help

Providence, RI