View Full Version : weird inventory calculation

08-17-2004, 08:10 AM
When you view an items inventory information, you will see four quantity related properties. 1. Quantity on hand, 2. Qty avalible, 3. Qty on SO, and 4. Qty on PO.

Quantity avalible is calulated from quantity on hand, plus or minus qty on PO and qty on SO.

This is a great feature, in my opinion. You can look at a particular part and tell if you have enough to sell on hand, or if you need to go put it on the scheduler.

The problem is, I have noticed that it calcualted SO only for the current period(basically, that month) (and I assume its the same for PO).

This turns the great helper feature into something that could be very detrimental to the company. If someone where to look and see we have 1000 parts avalible, but actually there is a SO in the system for 5000 parts for next month, it would look like we have 1000 avalible, not need to produce 4000.

Does anyone know if there is any way to change this feaure? I would really like it to be able to calculate for SO out threw the end of time. Very few businesses I can think of would only want to calculate for the current period. This feature was a great idea, but peachtree really didnt quite grasp how it should be used.