View Full Version : Applying costs to jobs/BOM

09-17-2004, 10:36 AM
We are a company that builds control panels. We order parts specifically for a particular job, but we also order minimal quantities of the same parts to keep in stock. Sometimes we may order it for a job and then put it to stock when we realize we don't need it for this job but may use it on another. I set up my job as an assembly stock item for sales purposes, then do my bill of materials for that job. First, can I easily turn my BOM into purchase orders that charge that job directly? How do I handle items that we end up NOT using on the job? How do I set up items in the system to be able to carry in inventory or also charge directly to a job via the PO? I don't like having to do a BOM for all items on a job, issue PO's for all items on the job, then assign each line item from inventory to the job for costing purposes. Is there an easier way?