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07-19-2001, 01:29 PM
We currently are running Peachtree Complete Accounting. We updated our version 7.0 to 8.02 and now have a footing problem.

We currently have two years of data open 1999 and 2000 our fiscal year starts in July. We are going to closeout 1999 but we have received the following error message after the version update "Account 1600-00-00 in General Ledger doesn't foot in period 14. Select help for more information."

Please note account 1600-00-00 is our Accounts Payable.

There was a suggestions from this site but it pertained to version 7.0. We ran the suggestion given in the help menu and it did not seem to resolve the problem.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem.

We would like to closeout 1999 and have 2000 and 2001 open.

Please Help.


07-23-2001, 11:00 AM
You may have to go back to the old version 7 in order to fix the problem.

You can first try to fix it in version 8:
1. Make a backup of your data
2. Change to accounting period 1
3. Load the integrity check
4. Reindex the chart
5. Reindex the journal header
6. Reindex the journal rows
7. Run the data synchronization for Chart of Accounts/Journal
8. Change your accounting period back
9. Print a new GL

If you still get the error:
1. Re-install version 7 in a different directory other than Peachw
(i.e., c:\pcw7)
2. Create a new company in version 7
(just enter Test as the company name and accept the defaults on the rest of the screens)
3. Restore a backup of your data before it was converted to version 8 to your new Test company
(With your Test company open in version 7, select File, Restore.
Locate a backup before converting to 8 and select it to Open.)
4. Load the integrity check
5. Reindex the journal
6. Make a new backup
7. Try to convert this data again
(Exit version 7, open version 8, create a new company, restore the version 7 backup to the new company, try to convert)

If you still get a footing error after converting:
1. go back to your version 7 Peachtree
2. Change to accounting period 1
3. Load the integrity check
4. Run the data synchronization test for inventory/journal
5. Change your accounting period back
6. Make a new backup
7. Try to convert to version 8 again

For more information, email support@baytek.com.