View Full Version : request for in on installing Dos in version 11

ines droese
01-08-2002, 04:41 PM
Trying to install PCA version 11, in computer and getting error messages of syntax and no config. file found. Help! The computer is an IBM with aptiva printer 2200. Thanks

Ines Droese

01-15-2002, 04:59 PM
There are a few possibilities.

1. Either disk 1 is damaged or the disk in the drive is not disk 1.

2. You are installing with write cache enabled. Using WRITE CACHE the cache will hold the serial number and user's name information until the system pauses, then try to write it to the disk. If the pause happens while you are still on disk 1, you are fine, but if the pause happens after you passed disk 1 in the load, you will get this error. Disable the WRITE CACHE.

For more information email enduserssupport@baytek.com.