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09-11-2005, 03:04 PM
The nightmares are coming back. Soon it will be the year end and time to change the tax tables around. As a newbie to Peachtree Complete Accounting for Windows, it means just one thing - lots of Excedrin.

I just started a second, small business and have hired one employee. Using Peachtree Accounting for Windows (not complete), I am entering the new employee. Payroll has never been used. I think I have the tax formulas in correctly (copied from my business that is running PCA).

Now, I am entering the employee. On the "Employee Fields" and "Employer Fields" tabs, I cannot get rid of the gray boxes in order to add Field Names and G/L Account, etc. On Employee tab, I can add only one field - Gross. On the Employer tab, they are all gray and I can't add anything.

What's going on?


rick Prindivill
09-11-2005, 04:08 PM
Go to Maintain - Defaults - Employee and define each of the Labels and GL Accounts etc. here. These revised fields will now be available to you in Maintain Employee.

09-11-2005, 04:26 PM
Hi Rick,

thanks for the fast reply. Is there ANY sense to this system? I have 20 years experience with Peachtree for Dos. How am I going to grasp Windows?

Happy Sunday and thanks so much for your fast help.

09-11-2005, 04:52 PM
Grrr.... Rick, I did as you said. Now, as I'm trying to run a payroll to see if it works, I get the following error:

Could not find the SIT 05 Maried calculation.... the tax name listed in the employee record does not exist in the Payroll tax tables.

Same for local (which I don't use), and Futa, all Married calculations.

I'm comparing screen to screen (I have two businesses... one is already running) and the two setups appear identical...


rick Prindivill
09-11-2005, 05:10 PM
For State Taxes, you define the state for each employee in the Maintain Employee - Witholding Tab and on the EmployEE tab, you define the State Witholding Tax Formula to be used. If you did not purchase the tax service from Peachtree, then you will need to define the Tax Formula and related Tax Tables in the FILE - Payroll Tax Tables - User Maintained. You will need to repeat this for the other taxes OR tell Peachtree not to calculate these taxes and you can define the taxes on a per employee basis in the Maintain Employee - EmployEE and EmployER tabs.

The tax formulas for Federal WH, Soc. Sec., Medicare, FUTA and most States are provide by Peachtree when you purchase their annual tax service. Peachtree provides the section User-Maintained section where the user can define the forementioned tax formulas if you prefer not to purchase this services. Further, you will define the tax rates etc for State Unemployment taxes, as well as any formulas for 401 Kplans, Vacation Time, Sick Time and more.

Read more on this subject by going to Peachtree's HELP and SEARCH on "USER-MAINTAINED PAYROLL TAX TABLES".

09-11-2005, 05:18 PM
Don't know what I did but I got it to work. Thank you VERY much for your time!

Do you know what Peachtree charges for their tax service?

I have ALWAYS updated my own tax tables in the older DOS versions. We have no special deductions or plans - just strictly federal, state and unemployment withholdings. When the tax tables change at the end of the year, do I make the changes under the user-defined portion only? or will I have to make changes to the employee records, too?

I currently have them named with 05 to indicate the year. I assume I will add new ones called 06. I believe I will have to change employee records and select '06' taxes. Is this correct?

Once again, my sincere gratitude for your time.

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rick Prindivill
09-11-2005, 07:57 PM
The current price for 2006 (December 1, 2005 - November 30, 2006) which covers the 2005 W2 updates, is currently priced at $189.00 and based on previous years experience, the price will escalate by $10.00 each month as we go towards December. The current price quoted is for Internet Download only. Those that insist on receiving the tax service by mail on a CD, you have to add $40.00.

We are an authorized Peachtree dealer and as such we do sell the tax service.

To update your tax tables to 2006, select the current tax id, change the tax ID (FIT M5 to FIT M6) and (FIT 05 to FIT 06) along with and correspondingly the related taxtables. Repeat the process for Tax names (SS, Medicare, Futa & Suta) updating their respective wage limits and percentages.

09-11-2005, 08:27 PM
Are you familiar with the old DOS versions? Sounds like it is probably just as easy as it was with Dos, in which case, I'll save the $190 and do it myself.

Still very much interested in where classes are offered. I'm a quick learner - seems like there is a lot to learn about the Windows version.

Any suggestions on updating from 05 to 06? what improvements were made? I mentioned on a different thread that the upgrade is available, with rebates, making it free (except for sales tax).

One other thing, my email notification when someone replies isn't working.... hmmm...

09-11-2005, 09:41 PM
I used to mess with the tables in the DOS versions some, but with the newer Windows versions, they seem to have really tried to make it such a pain that you'll get the update service. I finally got so tired of fighting it, I get their service, figuring that my time is worth more than the price they were charging.

21 Years of using Peachtree, it seems like yesterday.


rick Prindivill
09-11-2005, 09:47 PM
Our company is an authorized Peachtree Training Center and we do host classroom style, hands on classes. We additionally provide one on one training via the web using Webex Services. You can call us and speak to our primary trainer re your needs; her name is Tammi. Our phone number is 800-780-0700 (M-F, 8:30a - 5:30p EST).

The changes between 05 and 06 can be faxed or e-mailed to you upon request. You did not specify your current version of Peachtree 2005 (there are now 9 versions of 2006). So you can see listing the new additions that are common to all upgrades and those that are specific to any one version are too many to list her.

rick Prindivill
09-12-2005, 05:44 AM
Peachtree 2006
Check this out!


Hayman Cheung
Berfield Enterprise Solutions and Technology Limited

Sharon G
09-23-2005, 11:13 PM
No check this: