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07-24-2001, 12:40 PM
Version 8.0
Help!! I have two computers that I work in. One PC ... (version PC has a cable modem and obviously obtains updates online....Now when trying to switch to my laptop...(version data will not transfer...message says..."You must get an updated version of this program to use that company"....so...I got online
(ssllooooow dialup) and after an hour and a half of downloading an update...the update will not load because " cannot find any peachtree products...you must have an earlier version ....to get an update..." OK???? then I opened Peachtree and tried...and it told me to close Peachtree ...it cannot load the update unless Peachtree is closed or not in use....closed and again it said there is no Peachtree installed on your computer....must have an earlier version....yadda yadda yadda...
What is up? Anyone have any ideas?
Please help!!!
Tammy Recoulley

07-27-2001, 02:04 PM
"You must get an updated version...." is an error message that appears when you try to open a company in Peachtree that is of a later version/batch than the software it is using. Hence, your data files have been updated to 8.0.02, but the software on your laptop is still 8.0.01.

Another reason you might get the message is a damaged version.txt file.

In either case, you need to get your laptop to update to version 8.0.02.

1. Start Peachtree
2. Press ESC if you get the opening window that gives you several options, i.e., open an existing company, set up a new company, etc.
3. Select Help, About Peachtree, from the Menu Bar
4. What does the version/product number say?
If it says 8.0.02, you have a blown version.txt file.
Copy the version.txt from your PC to a diskette and then copy it to your laptop in directory where your data files are stored.

If it says 8.0.01:
Close Peachtree
Log on to www.peachtree.com/support
(using your laptop--if your laptop cannot connect to the internet, call 800-336-1420 and ask Peachtree to send you the CD with the 8.0.02 update)
Select Product Updates from the right side of the screen
Select the 8.0.02 update to download and follow the instructions on the screen

For more information, email support@baytek.com.