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Error 521 MWVIEW/"server"

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  • Error 521 MWVIEW/"server"

    Peachtree 2000 V.6

    Got this error on one workstation randomly for a while but rebooting clears it up. However now got it on one workstation then another. Rebooting does help it work for a while but once you get the error the workstation cannot view any of the sales order entry and accessing customer inquiry after that.

    Workstations are running Windows XP Pro SP3.

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    The Peachtree Knowledgebase for Peachtree 2000 lists the following as it relates to your experience.

    Global - Clipboard is in Use This error indicates that the Windows Clipboard is in use by an application other than Peachtree 2000.
    Solution: Be careful not to use applications that use the clipboard while using Peachtree 2000. Disable the screen-saver or TSR that uses the clipboard.
    Rick Prindiville
    PCO Consulting Services, Inc.
    Peachtree Certified Consultant
    Sage Certified Trainer


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      That is a good answer thank you.

      After playing with it a while I have theory too. It seems I get this error if I click on sales orders that are not really there. So it might also be a time out issue with peach and the server. If it does not get the data back quick enough, it times out and acts like there is no data.