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    Is there any way to permanently shut down the Sage Advisor pop up help in PT 2009? Besides being annoying and completely unnecessary, if it's running and I click to show hidden icons in the system tray it causes the icons to hide before one has a chance to see what's running. It's especially annoying when trying to stop a USB flash drive.

    Seriously Sage, the LAST thing I want from a software company is one more useless startup program running in the background.
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    You can rename the exe file for the Sage Advisor. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach\MessageCenter\R2009\Bin. Right click on Sage.MessageCenter.exe and choose rename. Rename it as Sage.MessageCenter.exe.old.

    After that, go to and you can express your "appreciation" for this new featured directly to Sage.
    Steve Collins
    IQ Accounting Solutions LLC
    Peachtree Certified Consultant


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      Beautiful, thanks Steve, that appears to have done the trick. And believe me, I've expressed my "appreciation" to Sage for this this wonderful new feature.


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        We've upgraded to PT 2010 and now I have the same old Message Center issue. Besides the fact that uninstalling 2009 seems to have left the old Message Center files in place I've renamed the new exe file I've found and it still runs. Sure, I can kill it other ways but any clues as to how to completely disable this (what I consider to be) useless feature again?


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          Got rid of Sage Advisor!

          Steve, thank you very much. That was causing problems for me because when I'd close Peachtree, the advisor would still stay in the tray. As I do a lot of my work on a notebook there is limited space.

          Your cure worked like a charm on the 2010 version I just upgraded to


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            Appartently this doesn't work for 2012. Does anyone have a fix for this version?