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    I've found the following information. I have a couple of questions though. The first one is have any of the methods changed or have new methods emerged? Also, what are the key disadvantages to the SDK. I am a VBA, Python, Java, PHP programmer would I be able to handle the SDK ?

    Originally posted by Robert Walraven View Post

    You cannot access Peachtree data from Mysql or any other flavor of SQL. Peachtree has the data password protected and the password is a secret.

    These are the ways you can access Peachtree data programmatically from an external application:

    DDL - this is a very old mechanism with limited accessability that has been in Peachtree for a very long time. It could possibly work for you. See the Peachtree documentation for more information.

    SDK - this is a programmable interface to the Peachtree application, sort of like a programmable version of Import/Export. The documentation is pretty sparse, so there would be a substantial learning curve using the SDK. Requires Peachtree to be running.

    MWToolkitForPT - this is a commercial 3rd party application that wraps around the SDK to provide a straightforward COM (Active-X) interface to the Peachtree data. Requires Peachtree to be running.

    PawCom - this is a commercial 3rd party application that wraps around the Peachtree data. It accesses Btrieve directly, bypassing Peachtree.

    Bob Walraven
    Architect of MWToolkit and PawCom.