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Backup fails as config.ini file is locked

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  • Backup fails as config.ini file is locked

    Having problems backing up

    Currently using Peachtree Complete Accounting 2008. Backup is done late at night when there is no one logged in/or using the program. Back up process is a plain vanilla copying of all files and folders to another computer.

    Suddenly started getting an error message::
    cannot access the file : \\Backup\Peachtree\Company\config.ini because it is being used by another process.

    Its a server install, the clients are all windows XP.

    Would appreciate any help or workaround.

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    Rebooting before backup will clear that. You can add that to Scheduler before the backup process.

    If you know the process that is using config.ini you can kill it. We had to do that to make backups work for Outlook pst files. This can be dangerous though, as the process using it dos not get a chance to exit cleanly, so test it manually first.