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  • 3110 error

    We are facing this error.
    File system error number : 3110 in file.
    Anyone knows sloution please relply it will great help for me.


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    That is one of the most vague error messages you can get. All of the four digit file system errors indicate a communication problem. The one you have listed means that a network session was dropped and then a new one started while peachtree was open. This could be due to anything from a loose wire, bad NIC, bad driver, bad memory on the server, DHCP, bad router, or a host of other things.

    If one workstation is getting it more then the others then you can try to find the problem, but likely it would be cheaper to just reformat that workstation, and replace the NIC. I have had clients that have spent money on an IT person for 20+ hours to try and fix it with no luck.

    Which version of Peachtree are you using, as I have not seen this error with 2009, which uses the latest pervasive.
    Tom Sechler
    Sage Certified Consultant