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Problem Using Peachtree 2010 in Windows 7

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  • Problem Using Peachtree 2010 in Windows 7

    After a sucessfull installation of Peachtree 2010 in a computer running Windows 7, Peachtree ask to enter the registration number each time the program is opened and after to enter the registration does not let open the company, says "You Cannot Use Peachtree right now because the serial number(s) you have XXXXXXX are already in use by the maximum number of computers"

    Please help me to solve this problem, thanks

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    This problem is addressed by the Peachtree Knowledgebase Answer ID 19089.

    I am receiving the error message You Cannot Use Peachtree right now because the serial number(s) you have XXXXXXX are already in use by the maximum number of computers. How can I correct this?

    Note: This article contains information about how to modifying the registry. It is strongly recommend that you backup the registry before you modify it. You should perform these steps only if you are familiar with editing the Windows Registry. Please contact your local IT Administrator or Computer Consultant for assistance if needed.

    1. Close Peachtree.
    2. Press the Windows logo and R keys on your keyboard to open the Run window.
    3. Type regedit in the Open box.
    4. Browse to the following in the Registry Editor window that appears:


    5. Highlight the PEYX489ZK key and select Delete from the Edit menu.
    6. Close the registry screen.
    7. Go to Start, Search, Find Files and Folders.
    8. Change the Look In to the location of your Peachtree datapath. (If you are unsure of the location of your datapath, refer to Answer ID 21334 located in the Peachtree Knowledge Center.)
    9. Search for ENV*.* You should find 4 files; envuser.dat, envuser.ptl, envsess.dat and envsess.ptl. Delete these 4 files.
    10. Search for and delete Options.dat, Serial.dat.
    11. Search for and delete Cosess.*
    12. Open Peachtree and open your company.

    You may receive an error message advising that Options.dat could not be found. Click through the error and a new Options.dat will be created. You will also be required to enter your serial and registration numbers for the software again.

    It is possible that after converting the database, the program did not replace the old DDF files with the new ones. In order to resolve this issue, please follow the steps below.

    a.Delete all the DDF files in the individual company folder, then reopen the company. If you are unsure of the location of your company,Click Here
    to follow Answer ID 8878.
    b.If you get the same reboot message again, delete the entire REPORTS folder in the datapath and run repair.
    Note: If running repair does not replace the Reports folder in the datapath, you will need to completely uninstall/reinstall Peachtree to the proper directories.

    c.Then repeat the first step, deleting the DDF files from the individual company
    Rick Prindiville
    PCO Consulting Services, Inc.
    Peachtree Certified Consultant
    Sage Certified Trainer


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      I have already try it

      I have already try it but when I try to change the registry, when I seach for the line HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PEYX489ZK the PEYX489ZK does not exist.

      Do you think that the UAC is not allow me to update the windows registry?


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        Problem Solved

        At last I solved this problem. This was caused by the UAC, a new feature in windows vista and windows7, I just disable it and Peachtree was able to update the windows registry.