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  • One-Side Entry

    I need to make an adjustment which consists of a one-sided entry. How do I go about doing this, I've never had to do it before. Thanks.

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    Peachtree is designed to only accept double entry transactions. If you are experiencing an out of balance situation then this would be described as data corruption. Initially, you can try to correct the situation by opening Peachtree and your Company, then clicking on FILE and DATA VERIFICATION. Follow the prompts, which includes a mandatory data backup. If the problem persists, then you can setup Peachtree's Intergrity Checks, and run the FILE TEST labeled Journals and separately General Ledger. This Integrity Check will check for check Journal balances and if necessary will correct the out of balance condition, often creating the necessary one-side Journal entry to Retained Earnings.
    Rick Prindiville
    PCO Consulting Services, Inc.
    Peachtree Certified Consultant
    Sage Certified Trainer