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Advantages and disadvantages of Peachtree?

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of Peachtree?

    Dear All,

    Kindly describe here advantages and disadvantages of peachtree.



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    GAAP Compliant - User friendly -No defined limits on number of Inventory Items, Customers, Vendors etc. - stable database - easy to learn and use. Reports and Forms are easily modified / customized. You can print, e-mail, PDF and send to Excel.

    Does not support multi-warehouses or multi-currency.
    Rick Prindiville
    PCO Consulting Services, Inc.
    Peachtree Certified Consultant
    Sage Certified Trainer


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      Is Quickbooks GAAP compliant?


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        It might help to know what kind of business you are in. I find it ok for my retail internet/mail order business, but if sold wholesale it would not be as good because of the inability to do invoices which show the discount for each line item.


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          QuickBooks is not GAAP Compliant in all cases.
          Rick Prindiville
          PCO Consulting Services, Inc.

          Peachtree Certified Consultant
          Sage Certified Trainer


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            More Accounting/Business oriented than QB. QB in my opinion tries to do things behind the scenes than an accountant would do.

            PT - not good database structure for importing web orders. QB is better in this regard. PT has made themselves even worse by discontinuing their Website Trader (although it was difficult to get information about it). Possibly this is something they are planning to fix.

            PT - inability to merge customers. QB - can do, and has for years.

            PT - allows for true customer numbers; QB - likes to use ''names'' (not good in an industry with lots of companies (unrelated) that have similar names.

            PT - good migration path to more robust accounting programs (MAS, etc.). I don't know of anything other than QB Enterprise on that platform.

            PT - once you get the hang of it, import/exporting of data is pretty good. Sometimes, you have to get your data from a report, and then export it to Excel, but the capability is there. Crystal Reports opens a whole new world. Sometimes it is trying to get it how you want it, but its a very powerful report writer.

            I use both, but PT much, much more, and I cringe when I have to use QB.

            PT's database structure is limiting for 3rd party apps, but there are some out there. More for QB. Hopefully, someday PT will restructure how they do their databases.

            I've ridden with PT since 1983, through many different versions (originally DOS), and they have changed at lot over the years, but changes in the last 10 years have been small.

            Hope this helps!


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