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How to find your Peachtree Registration Number

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  • How to find your Peachtree Registration Number

    I recently installed Peachtree Complete on my laptop computer and need to find my registration number. After hunting around the web for a while I found these instructions (which were for a somewhat different purpose).

    Locate the registry information for Peachtree in the Microsoft Registry Editor by clicking on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," "Software" and then "Peachtree." Choose the Peachtree family product that is installed on your computer, click the version number and then click "Licenses." This is the registration information for your installation of Peachtree.

    My registration number was listed and I was able to register the program on my laptop.

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    open your peachtree application then click HELP menu, under help menu click PEACHTREE REGISTRATION.

    Ryan Besitulo
    Crystal Report Developer
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      That may work for some, but for me the registration number on that screen is blank.


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        The method in the first post that worked for Peachtree Complete 2010 does not work for 2012. There is nothing I can see in the registry for 2012. Does anyone know how to find the registration number in 2012?