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  • Packing Slips??

    I am interested in understanding the packing slip procedure for v.7 of PeachTree Accounting 2002 - I see where you have the option to print a plain paper packing slip but you must also generate the invoice at the same time - is there a way around this? Also, can I export the inventory list to Excel 2000 and generate a packing slip from this software instead? Which is easier?

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    Peachtree thinks that you wouldn't need a packing slip if you haven't already invoiced for the product. I don't see a way around this within the software, since the packing slip is basically a modified version of the invoice form.

    There a several ways to get Peachtree data into Excel. These usually involve some knowledge of programming to create an elegant interface. In any case, any sort of packing slip functionality that you want can most likely be created in Excel. It's a matter of having the knowledge to do the work in-house, or the budget to hire a developer.

    Hope this helps!
    David H. Ringstrom, CPA
    Accounting Advisors, Inc.


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      The PawCom Sales/Invoice form lets you specify how many invoices and packing slips you want to print at one time. You can specify just packing slips if you want. The default packing slip report is standard MS Access, so you can easily customize it to look however you want.

      Bob Walraven
      Architect of PawCom