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  • IPV6 Disabling Not an Option


    Not to throw too many stones at Sage... but, I should have learned from lessons of the past with Sage. Between Peachtree and ACT!, I am amazed that database issues are still being accepted by management.

    I am currently running Peachtree Complete Accounting 2008 on a Vista system. Opening Peachtree is slow; but, it works. I decided earlier this year to upgrade to Peachtree Pro Accounting 2011. During the installation I received the message about IPV6 creating a problem, and that I should change the default network protocol to IPV4. That sends up a huge red flag.

    I run dozens of programs on this Vista system (actually over 100), and not once have I been told I need to do anything to the basic OS operation that will detrimentally affect other programs on this system.

    Is this a problem that has been corrected in a service pack, or, does Sage really expect me handicap my system just so I can run their software? (In the meantime, I am going to terminate the install and continue using Pt 2008.) It's pretty easy to understand how people could be mad about this... I gave up being mad at Sage a long time ago. I was an early user of ACT! (no longer), and when I can no longer work with Peachtree, I'll be forced to a different accounting package.

    I just want a software package that works, and I don't want to be held hostage to pay for support that shouldn't be required in a well engineered software package.

    I'm really hoping there is a fix for the IPV6 issue that I haven't found yet... otherwise the 2011 version I purchased will represent more money I have just wasted on Sage.

    Although this has turned into a rant... I really do hope that there is a fix.