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  • IPv6

    When will peachtree quantum be compatible with IPv6? Maybe the latest version i just received but havent installed yet?

    I have a new server with windows server 8 r2, initially set to IPv6, & everything worked great except peachtree; so i switched to IPv4, now everything is slow, though peachtree is better.

  • #2
    Latest version still may work slow on IPV6, and the option for Peachtree to automatically turn it off still comes up and is still recommended to do. They just now started using UNC, instead of needing a mapped drive. That should tell you how long it took them to come up to standards for networked programs. The issue is that at it's core it is still the same stand alone program from 1995, with things added into it to work in a network environment, including a more updated database engine.
    Tom Sechler
    Sage Certified Consultant