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  • Unbalanced Balance Sheet

    I have an unbalanced balance sheet that likely stems from problems in a closed year a couple years ago. Is there any way to correct this problem (e.g., a one-sided journal entry or something)?

    Thanks a HUGE bunch...
    Joe Wilwerding

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    Is it legit? Did you already run data verification


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      First question is, when did you notice this? Run a trial balance. If debits equal credits, then the problem is elsewhere. If not, try running an integrity check (BACKUP DATA ALWAYS) Have you added new balance sheet accounts? Do they show up on the balance sheet? Do any balance sheet accounts show up more than once? Open the balance sheet in design mode and check to make sure there are no overlap or gaps in the account ranges. This is easy to do between major sections of the balance sheet, especially if you have modified the balance sheet.

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        The Gl Balances integrity check will correct this if there are no footing errors in the General Ledger report. It pushes the difference into your retained earnings account. Once that is done check if you need to make an adjusting entry.
        Tom Sechler
        Sage Certified Consultant