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  • Database backup methods

    I realize the preferred method of backup is the internal backup function that creates the .ptb file. We are supposed to do that daily, but there are rare occasions when this may not happen.

    I am thinking of incorporating a file by file backup of the data directories into may automated daily backups. Other than an increase in the size of the backup, are there any problems that could arise if I need to rely on these files for a backup someday?

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    Be sure that you backup your Complete Data Folder for each Company and possilby include the FORMS folder 9contains all standard and modified forms such as checks, invoices, statements, purchase orders forms etc). Do not allow for Incremental or Differential backups only Complete backups.
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      I recommend redunency for backups. Do the daily ptb and the automated.
      Tom Sechler
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        Doing an automated backup while Peachtree is being used can lead to an inconsistent set of data being backed up. Backups outside Peachtree should always be done at off hours when everyone has shut down Peachtree.

        When you do the backup from Peachtree, it guarantees the data is consistent. What we recommend is back up daily from Peachtree to protect against data corruption, copy the backup to another system to protect against disk crashes, and then backup to removable media and take the backup off-site to protect against disaster.

        Try this: tell the person who is responsible for daily backups that if they miss a day then they will have to re-enter all the data for the day that gets skipped if the data gets corrupted.


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          There seems to be a large demand for PT automated backups...

          Can someone develop a PT add-on to automate backups?

          Or better yet, can PT in-house developers just tweak File/Backup module in future releases to run automatic backup when closing PT every so many days? This way backups are 'guaranteed' to be done correctly.

          If someone would develop an automated PT backup add-on, I would buy it.

          It is recommended to do a daily manual PT backup, then manually copy to another system drive and/or removable media. How many hours per year are wasted doing manual PT daily backups? I do weekly backups and I'm sure it is more than a few hours/year for my company.
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            Windows scheduler or Unix cron will do the trick if you just want to copy to a different disk on your network. I suggest a NAS with RAID.

            It gets more complicated when renaming and deleting folders on your backup drive when you want to save dailies for a week, weeklies for a month, and monthlies forever, but it can be done, and it's a good exercise for someone to learn how to do such things.


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              You may already know this by now, but if you havent read the other posts peachtree 2010 does install an icon as part of the installation that allows one the ability to log out users and do a backup with peachtree closed. you can set the tme and location.
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