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Moving Peachtree to a new server

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  • Moving Peachtree to a new server

    I am in process of migrating Peachtree 2009 Premium Accounting to another server. Currently we have 5 licenses (4 are used by clients and 1 is used by the network server which just holds company files).

    When installing on the new server is there anything in particular I should be aware of? Is it just as easy as installing the program on the new server, copying the company data files from old server to the new and changing the client links to point to the new server?

    Are there any licensing errors I may run into during this transition?

    I just want to make sure the switchover goes over smoothly.

    Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

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    the server is not using a license unless peachtree is being run. load the server first. Depending on your ability, you may want to uninstall the workstations then reinstall so that the installation will find the datapath. If you understand what peachtree looks for you can edit the ini file.
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      so if i install the server, shut down the other peachtree server and then change the links on the client workstations everything should go smoothly?

      I appreciate it all your help!


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        We migrated to a new server a year or so ago. It went without a hitch. I merely made sure the mappings in the login scripts identified the new shared folder as the same drive letter as the old had been and we didn't have to change anything on the clients. It worked like a charm.


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          Perfect. I have mapped the network drives as well so I will just remap the clients and we should be good to do.

          Thanks for the response