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    I am a cash basis tax payer. I failed to convert a payable account before I closed out the 2009 year. How do I reopen a closed year to convert the payable account? I am using PT Premium 2010.

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    You will need to restore the Peachtree forced backup that was created at the start of the Year End Process as a NEW COMPANY. After correction then re-close 2009. Export each your lists and each of your transaction Journals for all 2011 activities, including your lists (Customers, Vendors, Chart of Accounts etc.) from your current Company. Import the lists first into your newly 2009 Closed Company to allow for any additons, followed by your Purchases Journal, Sales Journal, Payments Journal, Receipts Journals etc for your 2011 entries. Print a Trial Balance for 2010 and compare it to the same report from your original company to check for any 2010 transactions / changes made after closing the original Comany's 2009.
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