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  • W3DBSMGR Error

    We have PPAD2007 multiuser installed on a Windows 2003 Server normal installation. PPAD2007 is also installed on three other XP workstations on the network with data files pointing to Windows 2003 Server. This setup has been working properly for about 2 months. To make this remotely accessible, Now we installed PPAD2007 onto a second Windows 2003 Server that runs Citrix Presentation Server 4. The program will open on the day of install and work remotely across Citrix as well as at the server itself, but the program will not open after a server reboot. Here is the message we recieve. Any Clues?

    W3DBSMGR Error Information
    W3DBSMGR ( Error 8519 - A Fatal error occurred while loading the SRDE engine.

    After you click ok on the above error, then we receive this error.

    W3DBSMGR ( Error 8520 - A timeout occurred during the initialization of SRDE engine.

    It seems that something is hindering the W3DBSMGR from running.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    A google search for "SRDE engine" gets lots of hits. Apparently it is a component that the Pervasive SQL Engine needs. Most likely it has either been corrupted, overwritten, or deleted.

    Have you tried uninstalling Peachtree and the Pervasive engine, rebooting and reinstalling?


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      I am having this error after installing on a new windows 2003 server. The data is on another server. The program is being ran under Terminal Server.

      When you log in as administrator it works fine. When I log in as a normal user I get the error. regardless of the fact some user need no access to peachtree.

      Anyone help?


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        The problem and your explanation suggests that the problem lies with PERMISSIONS or rights assigned to the user or the group that the user belongs to. Peachtree states that the user or group must have FULL permissions to the Peachtree program folder and the data folders. You can typically set the rights to MODIFY for both the shared folder and be sure to check the SECURITY tab and set the rights there as well.
        Rick Prindiville
        PCO Consulting Services, Inc.
        Peachtree Certified Consultant
        Sage Certified Trainer