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Thumbs up's the new look.

If you've been visiting for a while, then you may be surprised to see how the message boards look now.

We hope you like the changes! Not only is the new BBS software (vBulletin, by Jelsoft) more fun to look at, but it is WAY more powerful...
  • Faster!
  • More expandable! We can add new forums later very easily if needed
  • More beneficial! Email content to a friend or colleague!
  • Faster solutions! You can be notified by email whenever someone responds to your posting.
  • More controllable! You can edit your own posts or delete them.
  • Do you like polls? Make one!
  • Search, search, search! More powerful, faster, just plain better.
  • More targeted! We can move threads to the proper forum if necessary.
  • Cleaner! This is a lot easier for us to despam, etc.
  • See what's hot! We can now tell what topics are of greatest interest to you.
  • More fun! Use a smilie to express your exhilaration at a software problem solved!
Do you have suggestions for improvement? Let me know!
Get registered (by clicking the register button above) and take this thing for a spin around the block!

If you want to find something on the old message boards, they are still available for viewing and searching. They are called ARCHIVE FORUMS now, and are available from the Forums home page.
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